Being on the market for over 10 years, Lidera Trading has been establishing goals such as offering full range of professional service. We strive for high quality of the products and service on the best price. This is a precondition for a detailed investigation of the internal and external market and a presence of a professional staff on European level. The equipment we offer is divided into three levels – low, medium and high qualified machines such as Ionto Comed - Germany for the most demanding clients. We have the same principles in the levels of the white cosmetics:

Le Cllub des professionnels – Paris has abundant range of professional products;

Institute Collin - high class white cosmetics, a leader in the professional treatments with Collagen
The delivery of the goods is included in the service which Lidera Trading offers to our clients.
We are glad to hold out the possibility for you to use our special Bonus Program Lidera. The bonus program offers you a lot of presents and surprises and it is at the same time a good stimulating chance for our clients.
The program started in 2004 owing to our software where the clients have been registered. Every BGN from their orders counts as 1 bonus point. To be obvious the bonus points are being written in the invoice the client gets. Thus we have formulated six bonus levels with discounts and presents in each one. For instance, depending on the level according the points, the client could choose from a big variety of presents.
In addition to this, every year a product catalogue is issued from which the client can choose the necessary products.